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Our nurseries are for all and can be found in different locations. In general we are open between 7.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday all year round (except for a break at Christmas). These hours can be extended to suit your needs by arrangement.

Our nurseries, registered with Ofsted, are also registered to receive the Nursery Education Grant for children aged 3+ (and in some areas from 2+), providing them with up to 15 free hours in the nursery per week. We also accept childcare vouchers.

Working with the Early Years Foundation Stage, the nursery staff develop each child's individual needs within a stimulating and caring environment and prepare the children to be independent and prepared for a smooth transition to school.

Pre-School Nurseries

Our Pre-School Nurseries for children aged 2 - 5 years are attached to mainstream school. They provide a 'wrap-around' service to parents and their children. By working closely with the school, the children benefit from being on a school site and being involved in the collaborative opportunities arising this makes transition into school is easy and we take children who are still in nappies into the settings.

Open generally between 9am and 3.30 pm, the sessions in combination with lunch cover provide parents with total flexibility and choice as to when their child will attend. This flexibility enables parents to organise their own working arrangements more easily.

We are registered for the Nursery Education Grant, giving children up to 15 free hours per week. In some areas this can be used to pay for lunch cover too.

We also operate before and after school clubs within school settings, further extending parental choice and options.